SunExpress launches flights between Tirana and Izmir for high season

SunExpress, the airline beloved by travelers to Albania, brings exciting news for those who dream of discovering the treasures of Turkey. Starting next June, Tirana residents will have the opportunity to fly to the beautiful city of Izmir, as well as its famous seaside resort, at incredibly affordable prices.

Izmir, the cradle of Turkish history and home to unparalleled cultural wealth, attracts millions of visitors each year. Now, Tirana residents will have the chance to reach this sunny destination without any hassle or excessive costs.

Although the exact launch date of the flights has not yet been confirmed, SunExpress assures that the first takeoffs will take place as early as June. Travel enthusiasts can excitedly anticipate the imminent opening of reservations, which is expected to be announced in the coming days by the airline.

Whether you’re drawn to Izmir’s fascinating history or its resort’s idyllic beaches, these affordable flights will offer a new opportunity to discover the wonders of Turkey. Stay tuned for SunExpress announcements to seize your chance to plan an unforgettable summer getaway to this enchanting destination.

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