Summer season: SunExpress inaugurates new route linking Turkey to Germany

SunExpress plans to schedule flights to nine German destinations from six airports in Turkey. This route expansion aims to meet the growing demand for travel between the two countries, during the proc

Among the new planned routes, according to, Diyarbakir will be connected to Berlin, Gaziantep to Munich, Hatay to Düsseldorf and Stuttgart, Kayseri to Berlin, Malatya to Düsseldorf and Frankfurt, and finally Samsun to Kön/Bonn and Munich. These flights will connect different points of the country to main German cities, giving travelers more flexibility in their travel.

This decision by SunExpress marks a clear strategy to meet the demand of Turkish and German travelers wishing to visit Germany during the high season.

The airline also seeks to satisfy German travelers by offering more convenient and direct travel options to different regions of Turkey.

These new connections will certainly be well received by travelers, as they will save them time and money by avoiding connections or long and tiring land journeys.

SunExpress is a well-established airline, operating for over 30 years and offering scheduled as well as charter flights. It is the result of the collaboration between Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, which allows it to offer quality services and a pleasant travel experience.

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