Pegasus Airlines joins Air Transat’s interline platform

Air Transat is expanding its travel network through a newly formed strategic alliance with Pegasus Airlines.

Thanks to this agreement, travelers using the Canadian airline can now book flights to a multitude of destinations served by the Turkish company. These reservations are facilitated by ConnectAir, Air Transat’s intuitive platform, where customers benefit from various advantages such as exclusive discounts and the accumulation of loyalty miles.

This partnership opens the door to enriching itineraries to captivating destinations in Turkey, including Antalya and Istanbul. Air Transat passengers can take advantage of direct flights or choose optimized connection options, enhancing their travel experience with greater flexibility and comfort. This collaboration is another step toward the Quebec company’s commitment to offering superior quality services and more diversified travel options to its customers.

The new offer also includes a comprehensive assistance and support service dedicated to passengers in the event of flight delays or cancellations, just to guarantee the comfort and satisfaction of passengers in such unforeseen situations.

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