Istanbul airport is the busiest in Europe in August

In a ranking unveiled by Eurocontrol, the Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation, bringing together the busiest airports in the world, Istanbul airport was in first place.

The Turkish airport, the country’s largest and most important in the Middle East, recorded a 2.5% increase in flights served during the month of August, compared to the same month of 2019.

According to the statistics revealed and published by Eurocontrol, one thousand three hundred and twenty eight flights took off daily from the Turkish airport surpassing the two airports, which are among the most important in Europe: Paris – CDG and Amsterdam – Schiphol.

The same report indicated that Turkey is in the 6th place, in the list of the busiest countries in Europe, by air, with an average of three thousand five hundred and forty six flights daily.

Turkish Airlines obtained for its part, the third place in the ranking grouping the airlines operating the largest number of flights during this period with one thousand four hundred and seventy-three flights every day.

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