Emirates operates its cargo aircraft to deliver emergency relief supplies to Turkey and Syria

The devastating earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria a few weeks ago resulted in catastrophic destruction of lives, property and infrastructure. The region was badly hit by the earthquake – with more than 45,000 people dead and thousands injured in both countries.

Several airlines have decided to support aid efforts on the ground, including Emirates, which has decided to open an air bridge to the two countries by carrying out humanitarian cargo flights to deliver vital medical supplies.

With his Skycargo device to deliver 100 tons of medical aid. The goods were provided in collaboration with several major international associations and global organizations such as WHO, IHC, UNHCR and WFP helping to improve the lives of people affected by the natural disaster.

Emirates’ Cargo division has developed a strong relationship with the International Humanitarian City (IHC), an organization dedicated to humanitarian causes. This partnership has enabled Emirates to rapidly deploy essential supplies to people in need, while providing lifesaving aid to communities affected by global disasters and medical emergencies.

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