Food, Beverages and Catering on board Turkish Airlines flights

Offering the richest, regional and traditional flavors of Turkish cuisine, Turkish Airlines offers everything during the flight to its passengers. If you have a special meal request other than these treats, you must notify twenty hours before your flight. There are many alternatives such as diabetic foods, easily digestible foods, gluten-free foods, low-fat foods, and less salty foods.

Catering service and meal ordering on Turkish Airlines flights

As for the catering and hot meal service, Turkish Airlines serves passengers complete premium menus prepared by DO&CO on flights lasting more than an hour and a half. Breakfast specialties at this company include the following:

– Erzincan honeycomb, Afyon “kaymak” clotted cream, Anatolian spicy pepper and tomato spread;

– Grilled flat pastry “Gözleme”, stuffed with cheese and spinach;

– Cheese and tomato omelette with sautéed mushrooms;

– A selection of regional cheeses: cured cheese (Kars), “Ezine” (Çanakkale), with marinated Turkish olives, dried figs and apricots;

The Star Alliance airline’s dinner specialties will include the following dishes:

– Turkish Grilled Meatballs with Sautéed Zucchini and Roasted Red Pepper Bulgur Pilaf;

– Grilled swordfish skewer, mashed potatoes with celeriac, Tuscan vegetables;

– Traditional varieties of “Dolma”, vine leaves and zucchini stuffed with ground beef and “Karniyarik”, aubergines with ground beef, tomato and yogurt sauce;

– Homemade “Manti” Turkish dumplings with ground beef, tomato sauce, yogurt;

– Grilled lamb chops with polenta crepe and ratatouille;

– Sea bass in papilotte and vegetable julienne;

– Rigatoni with homemade parmesan tomato sauce.

Meals and special menus on board Turkish Airlines aircraft

Until a few years ago, the choice of these menus was quite limited, offering only two variations, sometimes meat or fish, sometimes beef or chicken. Fortunately, since then, Turkish Airlines has been able to modernize their offer in order to adapt to the specific needs of travelers: religious preferences such as kosher, halal, …, medical conditions such as diabetes, gluten or lactose intolerance, allergies, … or other special diets such as vegetarianism, veganism, …

In fact, passengers taking flights served by this company now have the possibility of reserving their special menus during a long-haul trip, as well as in other cases defined by the Turkish carrier.

Book your special meal?

These menus require some preparation, it is necessary to order them in advance. Turkish Airlines therefore requires that its passengers indicate this type of meal during the reservation, and that the latter be made at least 48 hours before the flight. Call 02164184486-87 from Istanbul, or use this page to find contact details for airline offices in different countries around the world.

Special meals can be reserved and purchased online, as can additional baggage and other services and products marketed by Turkey’s flag carrier.

Various special meal options available for booking with Turkish Airlines

             Medicinal Meals

Easy to digest meal: for passengers with stomach and digestion problems;

Diabetic Meal: For diabetic travelers;

Fruit Variety Meal: For passengers who only want fruit;

Gluten-free meals: for gluten-intolerant travelers;

Low calorie meal: for passengers on a low calorie diet;

Low-fat meal: for passengers on a low-fat diet;

Low Salt Meal: for passengers on a low sodium diet;

Lactose-free meal: for lactose-intolerant travelers.

           Religious meals

Kosher meals: for travelers who wish to follow Islamic traditions;

Vegetarian meals: Indian Vegetarian Meal: For Asian and Hindu Vegetarian Travelers;

Raw Vegetable-Fruit Meal: for vegetarian passengers consuming raw vegetables/fruits;

Strict Vegetarian Meal: For vegan or pure vegetarian travelers;

Hindu Jain-Vegetarian Meal: For Jain Vegetarian Travelers;

Vegetarian meal based on eggs and dairy products: for lacto-ovo-vegetarian passengers;

Vegetarian Meal with Vegetables and Fruits: For Oriental Vegetarian Travelers.

            Other special meals

Baby Meal: For infant passengers under 2 years old;

Child meal: for child passengers aged 2 to 5 years old;

Celebration Cake: Valid for Miles&Smiles members traveling with TK flights;

Seafood Meal: for passengers who prefer to consume only seafood;

Hazelnut – peanut allergy: For passengers allergic to hazelnut – peanut. The request for this meal requires the submission of a medical report.

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