Turkish Airlines carries more than seven million passengers during the month of September

Turkish Airlines saw its traffic increase last month. Seven million and three hundred thousand passengers took the flights served by the Turkish airline during the thirty days of the previous month.

The load factor on its routes reached 90.2% on domestic flights and 84.9% on international flights.
Turkish Airlines also saw its figures increase in the freight activity, achieving an increase of 7.6% compared to the same month of 2019 (before the pandemic). The Turkish company transported 145,000 tons of cargo last month.

During the third quarter of this year, Turkish Airlines carried nearly fifty four million passengers on its flights with a seat occupancy rate of around 80%.

The figures were also green for the freight activity, with 1.3 million tonnes of freight transported on board the Turkish company’s aircraft, an increase of 12.7% (compared to the period before the pandemic).

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