Turkish Airlines: Six new destinations in Europe and two in the United States

Turkish Airlines’ international flight network continues to grow. The Turkish airline has announced its intention to open routes to fourteen new destinations over the next two or three years.

From its base at Istanbul Airport, Turkish Airlines plans to fly to destinations in Europe and North America.

In the old continent, the first air carrier in Turkey intends to open routes connecting its Istanbul hub to Krakow, La Coruña, Makhachkala, Lankaran, knowing that its network currently has one hundred and eighteen European destinations.

In North America, Turkish Airlines wants to send its planes to Denver and Detroit in the United States knowing that last year; it inaugurated flights to Newark and Dallas/Fort Worth, while it began to serve Seattle from June of this year.

In the United States, the Turkish company operates flights to twelve airports, offering eighty-eight thousand seats each week to provide flights from/to the North American country.

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